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jerk·y (1) (jûr'ke) adj., -i·er, -i·est.
Moving along with or marked by fits and starts, characterized by abrupt transitions: a jerky train ride.
Slang. Foolish; silly: jerky ideas about saving money.

jerk·y (2) (jûr'ke) n.
Meat cured by jerking.
Also called jerked meat, jerky is meat (usually beef) that is cut into long, thin strips and dried (traditionally by the sun). Jerky was a popular staple with early trappers, just as it is with today's backpackers because it keeps almost indefinitely and is light and easy to transport. It's quite tough and salty but is very flavorful and high in protein.

Tried this jerky back in the fall on my way up to Montreal. There truly is nothing like a super tasty bag of jerky when you've got a long drive ahead of you. The Rosie's Cajun Beef Jerky shown here was de-lish, rivaling a large bag of Pemmican Peppered Jerky I got a few years ago for 'best sleeper jerky' yet to date.

FLAVOR: yum yum
tender like you wouldn't believe


(only because a bigger bag would be nice)

MORE JERKY TASTE TESTS IN PROGRESS... check back soon if you're feeling jerky

This jerky is superior to all others in my book. The shredded jerky chew is definitely the best part of the Bill's product line with it's flavor to die for. A bit harder to find, but the small tins make it easy to stock up for future enjoyment when the craving calls.

FLAVOR: this is flavor country
like Wild Bill says... you don't need teef to enjoy this beef


(this jerky inspired the Jerky Chronicles - anything less would be uncivilized)